Seamlessly connect your task management solution and collaboration platform

A 2-way sync with documents stored in Dropbox folders will give construction professionals a more streamlined process for project management.

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Together, joint BulldozAIR and Dropbox solutions enables you to automatically save site reports, plans, docs and reports directly from Dropbox to BulldozAIR, keeping everything up to date and available to your teams, on site and in the office.

  • Easily share the most current version of your plans, documents and reports in Dropbox directly from BulldozAIR. Any updates will be saved and shared, even off-line

  • Provide a single repository for your documents to monitor and prevent against legal actions from contractors

  • Oversee and manage several projects simultaneously, on a global scale

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For more information, reach out to your Dropbox representative or contact BulldozAIR at