Advanced threat protection and data loss prevention for Dropbox and Office 365

Trend Micro Cloud App Security enables organizations to embrace the efficiency of collaborating using Dropbox and other SaaS services while maintaining security.

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Cloud App Security enhances Dropbox with DLP to enforce compliance or track sensitive data and advanced threat protection. Zero day and hidden malware are detected using sandbox malware analysis and other techniques. Cloud App Security doesn’t require re-routing of web traffic or email — instead, the service integrates directly with Dropbox using API’s to preserve all user functionality, simplify setup, and expand protection.

  • DLP and Advanced Threat Protection for Dropbox, Office 365 and other cloud applications.
  • Consistent DLP and ATP policies across multiple cloud-based applications.
  • Detonation through a virtual sandbox — not just through static pattern matching — to investigate the behavior of suspect files.
  • Simplified setup with more than 240 pre-built compliance templates, user/group policies, and support for Microsoft Rights Management services.
  • Integration with Trend Micro™ Control Manager™ for central visibility of DLP and threat events across your organization’s endpoints, servers, and web traffic.