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See all the ways Dropbox for Business provides your company with sharing, storage, collaboration, and security.

File backup and storage

Back up all of your company’s files in one place. Keep them synchronized across computers, tablets, and smartphones, and accessible from anywhere. They’ll also be protected against accidental deletions and misplaced devices.

  • Version history

    Version history

  • Access files anywhere, anytime

    Remote access

  • File deletion recovery

    Deletion recovery

Sharing and collaboration

Improve productivity across your entire company. Use shared folders to create workspaces for teams or projects, and take advantage of fast, secure file sharing for both internal and external collaboration.

  • Version history

    Secure sharing

  • Share files using team folders

    Team folders

  • Easy team collaboration

    Collaborate inside Office

Administrative tools

Easily manage your account using our Admin Console. Quickly onboard and offboard users, manage billing, and keep tabs on how data is being shared both inside and outside your company.

  • Centralized billing

    Centralized billing

  • User provisioning controls

    User provisioning

  • Sharing audit logs

    Audit logs

Security and control

Safeguard your company’s data with enterprise-grade security features. With the Admin Console, your IT department gets comprehensive oversight over file activity, connected devices, and sharing.

  • Advanced sharing controls

    Sharing controls

  • Remote device wipe

    Remote wipe

  • Two-step verification security

    Two-step verification

Powerful integrations

Over 300,000 apps are available to extend the power of Dropbox for Business. Supercharge collaboration on Microsoft Office files, and enable critical business functions like eDiscovery, SIEM, and more.

  • Powerful integrations