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Collaborate with your customers and team members on any of your content stored in Dropbox, directly from your Salesforce records.

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Pull all of your business critical files from Dropbox Business directly into your Salesforce records and keep them organised according to your Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. Dropbox Business powers the information backbone of your Salesforce records, saving your team time and offering immediate access to the information that is most important to your business. 

  • Simplify your daily workflows. You can load files directly to Dropbox from a Salesforce record.
  • Stay up to date. All of your Salesforce users will have realtime access to the most recent version of your Dropbox content. 
  • Work on the go. Team members can access Dropbox files easily from the Salesforce web and mobile apps.
  • Maintain visibility and control. Permissions are mapped between Dropbox and Salesforce automatically, so you can control who has access to content.