Gain deeper visibility, comprehensive controls and enhanced SaaS security for your cloud applications

Together, Dropbox and Microsoft Cloud App Security provide enterprise-grade security for your cloud apps.


Microsoft Cloud App Security is a comprehensive service that provides visibility, controls and enhanced protection for your cloud application. Cloud App Security helps you extend the auditing and control you have on-premise to your cloud applications.

  • Uncover shadow IT. Gain visibility by discovering apps, activities, users, data and files in your cloud environment as well as third-party apps that are connected to your cloud. 
  • Investigate your cloud apps. Use cloud forensics tools to deep-dive into risky apps, specific users and files in your network. Find patterns in the data collected from your cloud and generate reports to monitor your cloud. 
  • Get control in the cloud. Mitigate risk by setting policies and alerts in order to achieve maximum control over network cloud traffic and migrate your users to safe, sanctioned cloud app alternatives. 
  • Protect your data. Use Cloud App Security to sanction/unsanction applications, enforce data loss prevention (DLP), control permissions and sharing, and generate custom reports and alerts.