Conduct efficient, repeatable e-discovery in house, providing early case assessment and legal hold capabilities.

Together, EnCase eDiscovery and Dropbox present an innovative shift towards integrating e-discovery with the cloud, providing organisations with forensically sound collections across all common platforms, metadata preservation, de-duplication and collaborative document review.

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The Dropbox Business API integration with EnCase eDiscovery extends the ability to defensibly search, collect and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) in Dropbox Business accounts. EnCase eDiscovery makes it possible for companies using Dropbox Business to seamlessly respond to litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations.

  • Target collections without impacting end users. Collect and preserve content from Dropbox in a forensically sound manner with no disruption to business operations.
  • Comprehensive preservation ensures a strict chain of custody. Powerful collections of data stored in Dropbox and patented, optimised, distributed search capabilities deliver incredibly comprehensive results.
  • Perform continuous case assessment. EnCase eDiscovery provides the unique ability to do pre- and post-case assessments of Dropbox files at any point in the e-discovery process