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iStock integrates with Dropbox to seamlessly connect image workflows, letting you spend less time managing content and more time creating outstanding work.

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Integrate iStock with Dropbox to simplify your workflow and to have licensed image downloads appearing automatically in Dropbox, making them available on multiple devices. A broad suite of functionality can also be synced directly to an iStock user’s Dropbox account, such as lightbox syncing (including high resolution and watermarked comps), retroactive downloads and access to invoices.

  • Simple integration for every iStock account. Whether you’re a single or multi-seat subscriber, connect to Dropbox with a single click so that any image you license is automatically placed in your Dropbox folder. 
  • Timeframe-based syncing ensures you’re always in sync. Retroactively sync content that was previously downloaded from iStock for up to twelve months, using pre-determined time periods.
  • Centralise access to purchased content. Automate syncing directly from lightboxes, including high resolution and watermarked comps. 


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