A leading cloud access security broker (CASB) providing advanced DLP, active threat detection, and granular policy management

Netskope allows employees to take advantage of Dropbox to get their jobs done while giving IT the controls and security it needs to understand risky activities, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance.

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Netskope for Dropbox is built on a cloud-scale security platform that provides context-aware governance of all Dropbox usage in the enterprise. This enables security professionals to detect risky activities, protect sensitive data, stop online threats, respond to incidents, and ensure safe usage and compliance with Dropbox Business.

  • Gain deep visibility into Dropbox usage and assess risky behavior. Drill down into details on users, activities, devices, and more. Perform ad hoc queries or create access and usage reports for compliance and auditing.
  • Safely enable Dropbox with granular policies. Create granular, contextual policies such as “No downloads of PII onto personal, unmanaged devices” or coach users with custom messages to move them from unsanctioned cloud storage apps to Dropbox.
  • Protect sensitive data in and enroute to Dropbox with advanced DLP. Uncover and protect content containing sensitive data using pre-built profiles such as PII, PCI, PHI, source code, and profanity. Create custom profiles with support for 500+ files types, 3000+ data identifiers, fingerprinting, exact match, and more. Place policies such as "encrypt sensitive content", "quarantine", and "restrict download".
  • Prevent data exfiltration from Dropbox to unsanctioned cloud services. Find and stop data exfiltration taking place from a sanctioned Dropbox instance to a personal cloud app.
  • Protect Dropbox with cloud threat protection. Detect and respond to usage anomalies using Netskope’s machine learning and rules-based detection. View logins from different locations, be alerted to data exfiltration, and know when users’ credentials have been compromised. Netskope’s anti-malware capabilities let IT detect and remediate cloud malware in real-time within your Dropbox instance.