Cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) and identity management platform that brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise

Together, OneLogin and Dropbox provide a frictionless file sharing, cloud storage and collaboration experience for both admins and end users. OneLogin’s IDaaS integration is easy to configure and enables IT to easily manage and secure access to Dropbox, accelerate application deployments and deliver an enhanced user experience from login to logout.

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OneLogin’s IDaaS platform streamlines identity and access management for Dropbox and all your cloud and on-premise applications. You can also take advantage of enterprise-grade features such as SSO with role-based access control, user provisioning and deprovisioning in real time, multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset and more.

  • Secure access with SSO and MFA. Seamlessly sign users in to Dropbox with SAML SSO to eliminate password fatigue and the risk of phishing, whilst also enhancing user experience and productivity. Further strengthen security by enforcing two-factor authentication based on configurable security policies. 
  • Unified directory integration. Leverage OneLogin’s best-in-class directory connectors to integrate SaaS applications with multiple user stores including Active Directory, LDAP, Google and HCM solutions. 
  • Streamlined user and group provisioning. Automatically create, update and delete user accounts and map them to existing Dropbox groups in real time based on changes in the user directory. With Safe Entitlements, IT can modify user records via OneLogin or within Dropbox without overriding the other method. 
  • Reporting and analytics. Easily pull valuable data about security and user access for all your applications. Orchestrate security processes and enable comprehensive visibility into security incidents via OneLogin’s robust integrations with other security solutions, such as CloudLock, Netskope, Skyhigh and Splunk.