Streamline operations and make workflows more efficient

Help teams better collaborate in Oracle Aconex by providing access to files in Dropbox

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With the Oracle Aconex and Dropbox integration, you can reduce double-data handling, drive accountability and access reporting and insights across all project data and processes from one single source of truth. Dropbox files can be shared, distributed, updated, tracked and searched in controlled workflows across many different organisations connected on projects in Oracle Aconex.

  • Securely move documents, drawings, photos and other files from Dropbox to Oracle Aconex with a few simple clicks 

  • Easily upload project information from Dropbox into Oracle Aconex for a single, complete record and audit trail    

  • Manage drafts on Dropbox before distributing the final version to construction teams through Oracle Aconex

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For more information, please get in touch with your Dropbox representative or Aconex sales representative.