Convenient and simple archiving of important communications data directly to Dropbox

With RingCentral and Dropbox, you can store and retrieve the communication records you want, at any time. Securely save your messages and recorded calls automatically, then easily search for the stored data from within your Dropbox account.

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Together, RingCentral and Dropbox provide an automated backup and pull for customers’ call recordings and messages, storing them in your Dropbox account. The integrated solution supports revision history, so files deleted from Dropbox can be recovered from any of the synced computers. You can also easily archive your RingCentral records in your Dropbox account and retrieve them whenever you want, as well as fax or share any Dropbox documents whilst using RingCentral. With RingCentral and Dropbox, you’ll never lose another important voicemail or message again.

  • Instant connection to Dropbox, with automatic archiving every hour.
  • Secure data transition with SSL encryption.
  • Flexible support for a range of data types that can be archived, including recordings, voicemails, fax and SMS.
  • Convenient log view for archive history.
  • All archived records searchable within Dropbox.

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