Identity Governance – efficiently and securely manage digital identities

SailPoint empowers our customers to govern digital identities and manage their constantly changing access rights to enterprise applications and data

SailPoint is the leading provider of enterprise identity governance solutions. SailPoint’s open identity platform enables organisations to manage the entire identity lifecycle of users accessing Dropbox Business, more efficiently control user access, securely prepare your data for migration to Dropbox Business, identify sensitive data and monitor for malicious behaviour.

  • Oversee and streamline who accesses Dropbox Business. SailPoint identity governance solutions allow you to manage and govern users, groups and entitlements for DropBox and automate the requesting and provisioning of user access. Improve security and audit performance by instantly reviewing and remediating access. 
  • Monitor inappropriate access. Centralise your visibility to users and their access across Dropbox and other cloud and on-premises applications. Admins can easily audit and ensure access is within corporate policy.
  • Gain greater data visibility. Identify and classify data prior to migration to gain clear visibility across your data assets and optimise what data should be moved to Dropbox.
  • Clean up permissions. Collect and analyse permissions to files for deeper insight into who has access and remediate inappropriate access issues to mitigate security risk to your content.
  • Establish data ownership. Empower data owners who have the most intelligence about the data to take on a key role in managing access and ensure the right users have access to the right data.
  • Support hybrid environments. Whether your data resides within your datacentre or in Dropbox Business, govern it with a centralised set of controls and policies.


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