Sync or migrate files to Dropbox and Dropbox Business

Migrate or synchronise files seamlessly to Dropbox from any on-premise storage solutions, including SharePoint, Network File Systems and most major ECM platforms. Automatically link user accounts, preserve file ownership, map existing permissions and more with just a few clicks.

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SkySync integrates with over 30 on-premises and cloud-based storage systems, allowing you to migrate or sync your files to Dropbox Business in minutes. The software is installed and configured behind your firewall, so you can sync Dropbox with your existing storage systems without impacting your existing security or IT infrastructure.

  • Automate file synchronisation or migration to Dropbox, including files, folders, file properties and permissions.
  • Link user accounts and network home drives to individual Dropbox accounts.
  • Automate file filtering by name, type, date and date range.
  • Monitor extensive pre- and post-job analysis and reporting.
  • Deploy SkySync behind your firewall, fully under your control – files stream directly to Dropbox, not through a proprietary cloud.