Get a complete picture of your Dropbox deployment

The Splunk® app for Dropbox Business – along with Splunk® Enterprise, Splunk Cloud™ or Splunk Light™ – provides a comprehensive set of dashboards that cover document sharing, as well as device, application and security activity, to give you the visibility to manage and secure your Dropbox deployment.

With the Splunk app for Dropbox, Splunk® Enterprise or Splunk Light™, organisations can search, monitor, analyse and visualise machine-generated big data coming from a Dropbox Business environment.

Note: this app is CIM-compliant and leverages both the Authentication and Change Analysis data modules.

  • Collect, extract and analyse key operational and security data from your Dropbox deployment, such as login activity, membership activity (i.e. requests/additions/removals), device activity, API-based application activity, sharing activity both within and outside the team, and security metrics, including detailed user and path tracking.
  • Build dashboards, reports and alerts from your data to visualise and proactively respond to issues with your Dropbox environment.

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