Electronic signature built for business

HelloSign’s eSignature solution enables distributed teams to get business-critical documents securely sent, signed and saved from anywhere they work. See how the world's first embedded sign and store solution can drive value to your business.
HelloSign and Dropbox

​eSignatures speed up your workflows

On average, employees switch between 35 tools a day to do their job and spend 20% of their work week looking for internal information.

eSignature is a simple tool to speed up your workflows and drive collaboration across the business no matter where employees work.



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Level up your eSignature workflows with HelloSign integrations

HelloSign, a market leader

Independent research

Aragon Global Research names HelloSign a market leader in Digital Transaction Management

eSignature for dispersed teams made easy with Dropbox + HelloSign


Keep documents secure

Documents are stored in secure distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection, such as SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication, to eliminate risk, provide control and visibility.

Send from anywhere

Send requests from anywhere

Whatever the device, wherever the location, request and review signatures for contracts, agreements, leases, waivers and more in a matter of a few clicks.

Find what you need

Reusable templates save time

Create documents like NDAs, offer letters, real estate contracts or sales agreements and save them as templates to reuse the next time you need them, saving employees time.

Stay organised

​​Keep everything organised

​​Store all projects, files and business documents in one centralised cloud space. Once electronically signed, documents are automatically saved to the folder you created.

Embed esignature

​​​​Embed the eSignature experience

Working from your own folders, send contracts for signature with just a few clicks, allocate your chosen file paths for storage and get automatic notifications when the document is signed or completed.

Simplify remote collaboration

Simplify remote collaboration

​​Whether in HR, finance, marketing, legal or sales, dispersed teams can collaborate from virtually anywhere to view, modify and resolve comments made directly on documents requiring signatures.

Integration with your favourite applications

Drive better business outcomes by connecting HelloSign to the tools and applications your employees know and love.

Secure electronic signatures can be added quickly to documents and then stored in your preferred location whether in Dropbox, Google or Microsoft. Documents can also be sent for signature directly from Salesforce, and you can create templates and forms with G Suite.

HelloSign works with your favourite apps

​​eSignature that drives results

Improve document turnaround times by up to 80%

Improve completion rates by as much as 26%

Shorten sales cycles by as many as 10 days

Ensure transparency with a full signer audit trail

Implement up to 2x faster than other eSignature leaders

Streamline the eSignature process saving up to 700 annual work hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Paper contracts are time-intensive. They can take an average of 25 days to be signed and returned, and more than 15% of documents never get signed. This adds up to elongated sales cycles, slower document turnaround times and unnecessary friction in workflows. Electronic signatures remove friction, drive collaboration among dispersed teams and can increase signature completion rates by as much as 26%.

HelloSign is compliant with the following:

  • SOC 2 Type II and Privay Shield
  • ISO 27001 certified to adopt best practices to minimise risk
  • HelloSign and HelloWorks products are HIPAA compliant
  • The US ESIGN act of 2000
  • The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (EUTA) of 1999
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • The eIDAS regulation for the EU of 2016 (EU Regulation 910/2014), which replaces the former European EC/1999/93 Directive

To keep your files and signed documents safe, security features have been designed with multiple layers of protection:

  • We use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), the same level of encryption used by leading banks and government agencies
  • Documents are stored and encrypted at rest using AES - 256 bit encryption
  • HelloSign creates a comprehensive transaction trail between signing parties to track and timestamp various information from the moment the document is submitted for signature to when it is completely signed and secured, providing you with a transaction history and full audit trail
  • HelloSign complies with the US ESIGN Act, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014) regarding electronic signatures and transmissions

HelloSign has teamed up with Dropbox to present the world’s first embedded document eSignature and storage solution. Your teams no longer have to jump between tools and applications – with just a few clicks they can send, sign and save documents in Dropbox anytime, from anywhere.

HelloSign is available in 22 languages, allowing you to build, send and manage documents for signature in your preferred language. When signers receive the signature request, they can also change the language for their signing experience. To find out if HelloSign is available in your language of choice, please contact our team.

HelloSign offers data infrastructure in the US and Germany with backup in France, hosted by AWS S3. This gives customers the option to store completed documents either in the US or Europe. This feature is available on the HelloSign Enterprise Plus and HelloSign API Platinum plans.

As the need for eSignatures is growing at an unprecedented rate, IT administrators need a scalable way to manage the data retention for documents across various business systems. With HelloSign, you can delete complete documents in bulk from your HelloSign account.

Contact our team today to out learn how eSignature can help your business.