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How Myth Studio, an animation studio, built itself to scale on demand

Myth Studio successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic by specialising in animation and motion graphics. By using Dropbox’s suite of products and services, they were able to scale their business, collaborate effectively and maintain security, leading to significant growth and success in the industry.

Two men, one standing one sitting, looking at a screen

Products used

Capture, Replay, Transfer, Dropbox


Media & Entertainment




London, UK

Dropbox Replay interface
Two people sitting on separate sofas talking

Products used


Reduce the chaos and get to final_final faster by managing entire video, image and audio projects in one place.


Capture lets you give and receive feedback on work, provide context to complicated topics and strike the right tone using screen recordings, voiceovers and screenshots.


Securely transferring a large file or collection of files in real time – for example, a design project or set of high-resolution photos – is simple with Dropbox Transfer.


Paper enables team members to work on documents simultaneously to boost efficiency, keep feedback or decision-making in one place and maintain accountability by tracking contributions.