Easy and secure
online backup

Space for your team without managing servers. Files are always accessible and easy to restore. Best-in-class infrastructure, security, and compliance.

Get the freedom to scale, with more space for your team

One of the best aspects of online backup is how easy it is to scale. With Dropbox Business, you get more space for your team — so you never have to worry about which files to back up. And with a simple admin interface for provisioning new users, Dropbox Business can seamlessly grow alongside your team.

Empower end users with
120 day version history &
file recovery

Your team can work confidently, knowing that they can restore previous versions of a file or recover documents they've deleted, all without bothering the IT team. Dropbox Business provides 120 day version history and file recovery that's super easy for end users — so IT can focus on more important work than restoring files for panicked employees.

Access files anywhere, anytime for easy collaboration

With all your team's files backed up to Dropbox Business, they can securely access their work from all of their devices — so there are no barriers to collaboration. And with support for virtually any device, operating system, and platform, Dropbox Business seamlessly works the way your team does — it just plugs into their existing setup and workflows.

Easily manage your team's account with hassle-free admin controls

Managing expensive on-premises servers gets old, fast. Dropbox Business saves you time and money by professionally managing all of that for you, and making it incredibly simple to migrate from your existing server. Once you do, the simple yet powerful admin console provides additional control and visibility across all your company files.

Protect files with business-grade security

Dropbox Business has best-in-class security — from our infrastructure and system architecture to our data protection policies and compliance certifications — so your company's files are always safe and secure. And our admin controls offer additional layers of security, so you can manage file access permissions and keep tabs on who's sharing what.

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