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Dropbox April 2022 Product Updates

An illustration of a blue house next to the Dropbox Backup interface that includes a three file icons and a PDF icon and a blue “start backup” button
A webpage for a photographer that includes her profile picture as well as a photo of a red pear on a mirror, a photo of a lilly pad, and a photo of flowers in water, all of which are listed for sale
Several pages of purple and yellow charts and graphs that are being edited within Dropbox
The Dropbox interface in which a user is clicking on an audio file and saving it as an mp3
An overlay in a Dropbox folder where a user is choosing to organize files based on the month the content was added to Dropbox

Dropbox November 2021 Product Updates

The Dropbox automated folder interface showing a dropdown of files to be added to the folder and a checklist of potential actions, including saving the file names with dates, capitalizing all initials, changing separators, and adding the parent folder name to the file name
A user selecting the Multi-file organize option in a dropdown within a Dropbox folder
A user selecting the naming convention option in a dropdown within a Dropbox folder
A view of the Dropbox interface that shows a list of files and folders, with details about a selected image file, including a preview of the image of a woman wearing a yellow shirt standing in front of a turquoise background, tags associated with the image file, and image size information, shown to the right of the list of files
The Dropbox interface where a file is being shared with other team members with a view-only permission setting
The Dropbox Passwords interface with a yellow alert banner letting the user know four of their login credentials may have been compromised due to a data breach on another company’s site
The old Dropbox experience on desktop which has now been deprecated
A list of files that have been selected within Dropbox that all have the tags “final” and “research” associated with them
A collection of photos saved within Dropbox that include pictures of two black and white dogs, children drawing pictures of their family, and a child in the arms of her dad

Dropbox July 2021 Product Updates