How are my files secured?


  • VPN encrypts network traffic with SSL/TSL, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), or similar encryption technologies
  • Documents are stored as ordinary files. Encrypted storage requires third-party software
  • All servers must be secured and maintained by your IT department
  • File servers must be backed up by your IT department
  • Some VPN software offers two-step verification
  • File servers can be protected by firewalls


  • Dropbox encrypts network traffic with SSL/TLS
  • Documents are stored using 256-bit AES encryption
  • You don’t need to worry about server security settings or maintenance
  • Two-step verification capability included
  • Integration with most SAML-based SSO providers
  • Files can be deleted from a lost device with remote wipe with Dropbox Plus or Business
  • Dropbox works with most corporate firewalls, but it cannot be placed behind your company’s firewall

Private networks are a relatively secure option for accessing stored company documents. Internet traffic is usually strictly filtered by a firewall, which means there aren’t as many opportunities for security breaches as, for example, an FTP server. VPNs enable secure remote access by encrypting all traffic between the remote user and the private network. The only drawback is that maintaining this private network and configuring VPN accounts for all of your employees requires a lot of overhead.

Dropbox offers even better security than VPN, while freeing you from the overhead. You don’t need to worry about software maintenance, backups, physically securing your servers, or setting up user accounts. And, in addition to encrypting documents while they’re in transit, Dropbox encrypts them while they’re stored in the cloud. Supplemental security features like remote wipe, two-step verification, and support for integration with most SAML-based SSO providers are also included out of the box with Dropbox Plus or Business.

For more information on Dropbox security, please see the Dropbox Business Trust Guide.