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Collaborate on large media files quickly with Dropbox

Bring your work to life with tools that simplify file viewing, facilitate remote collaboration and allow for flexible workflow management.

Two people sharing ideas on a tablet in an office
Make secure large-file transfers

Quickly and easily view and deliver any file to anyone, straight from Dropbox. Leverage the convenience of email without the burden of large file attachments. Track files with viewership stats and download notifications. Control access with password protection and expiry dates.

A user sending a password-protected video file with Dropbox Transfer
Review video precisely

Review and aggregate feedback with frame-based commenting. Place comments at a specific point on a video timeline so that others can jump to the exact frame you’re referring to.

Two people leave a time-based comment on a Dropbox video file of two swans swimming.
Skip the download

Preview and share large files up to 150GB without downloading. Work on files across platforms and tools – users don’t need the original application to collaborate on files shared with them.

A drop down from the settings button shows video speed and video quality options for the Dropbox video file of a woman working in a bakery.