Use groups to create and manage user lists

User lists

Use our groups feature to create and manage lists of members within your Dropbox Business account. Give new employees access to specific folders with just a few clicks.

Consolidated account administration tools

Consolidated administration

Easily manage your team and data from a single access point. The redesigned Admin Console includes all the features you need to deploy and manage Dropbox.

Team activity log

Team activity tracking

Conveniently track how data is shared with individuals inside and outside your company through in-depth audit logs. Perform targeted investigations with refined filtering and enhanced search.

Centralized billing

Centralized billing

Reduce time spent on expenses with centralized billing. You can give each employee their own Dropbox Business account, and pay for everything on a single bill.

Keep your team productive and your data safe

File backup

File backup and storage
Get the storage your business needs to share and collaborate seamlessly.
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Easy sharing

Easy sharing and collaboration
Stay productive with new ways to easily share work and collect feedback.
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Security features

Security features
Protect sensitive company files with enterprise-grade security features.
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