Security features

Enterprise-grade cloud security with centralized control over all your company’s files

Control panel

Sharing controls and permissions

Make sure sensitive company data stays in the right hands with intuitive sharing controls. Expiration dates and passwords can be added to shared links, while Dropbox admins can decide which teams have access, and whether sharing is allowed outside the company.

Sharing controls and permissions

Lost device protection

Easily secure lost and stolen devices. If a device is misplaced, it’s easy to unlink it from the employee’s account and pause Dropbox syncing. Dropbox admins can also use our remote wipe feature to clear all the files from the device’s Dropbox folder.

Remote wipe lets you remove company data from lost or stolen devices

Account transfer

Conveniently migrate company files to another member of the team with account transfer. If an employees leaves, admins can suspend or delete the user’s account, and transfer files with just a few clicks.

Easily migrate files to another team member when someone leaves

User authentication

Add extra layers of protection to user accounts. Two-step verification requires users to input a six-digit security code to sign in or connect a new device. Single sign-on lets team members securely gain access using an existing identity provider such as Active Directory.

Dropbox adds an extra layer of security

Keep your team productive and your data safe