Secure external file sharing

External sharing

Instantly send files or folders to people outside your company using shared links—even if the recipients aren’t Dropbox users. To keep tabs on sharing, you can see viewer info and protect those links with passwords and expiration dates.

Collaborate with colleagues easily and seemlessly

Organization-wide collaboration

Use comments to quickly gather feedback right next to your files. You can also invite your team to shared folders, where they can add and edit files together. Changes sync automatically, giving everyone the most recent version in their Dropbox folders.

File sharing and team collaboration

Team folders

Create a central workspace so everyone can find what they need quickly. Team folders are a simple way to give your entire team access to things like employee handbooks, departmental goals, and offsite photos.

Dropbox badge

Collaborate more effectively inside your Microsoft Office documents. The badge shows you if someone is viewing or editing the file you’re working on, and gives you the option to update to the latest version if someone saves changes.

Keep your team productive and your data safe

File backup

File backup and storage
Get the storage your business needs to share and collaborate seamlessly.
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Administrative tools

Administrative tools
Team management stays simple from a central location, the admin console.
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Security features

Security features
Protect sensitive company files with enterprise-grade security features.
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