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From concept design through point of sale, Dropbox Business simplifies retail workflows so you can focus on creating great products for your customers.

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Make your vision a reality

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Do more from anywhere

Quickly sync changes to rich design files, preview them on the go, and return to past versions. Dropbox works seamlessly whether you’re in the office, at a production facility, or out on the store floor with a mobile device.

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Stay organized

Ensure a consistent omnichannel experience for customers by staying organized with a central repository for brand assets, contracts, and budgets that can be accessed by store managers and e-commerce distributors alike.

Customer spotlight: Ben & Jerry’s

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Get peace of mind

Secure your most important intellectual property from concept through manufacturing. Keep sensitive design, finance, and strategy files in the right hands, especially when working with contractors and vendors.

Customer spotlight: Stylerunner

Top retail companies run on Dropbox

How Dropbox simplifies retail workflows

Learn how your team can use Dropbox Business to take a retail collection all the way from inception to in-store.

How Dropbox Business can help retail teams take global collections from design to production to launch

Plug into existing workflows with Dropbox

Get an edge in retail

Download our eBook, 5 Tips for Improving the Customer Experience in Retail. You’ll learn best practices on engaging teams and improving the customer experience from experts in the field.

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"I can’t imagine how we’d collaborate with our remote employees if we didn’t have Dropbox Business. Being able to work together from any location elevates our momentum, and keeps the business growing at an accelerated rate."

The State of Collaboration 2019-20

The way we work is broken. It’s clear retailers first need to stop, hit re-start, and work with solutions that quiet down the noise of change, not add to it. Read this global research report to find out:

  • How you can identify your own challenges in your team
  • The impact of the broken workplace on your team, and your business
  • How can you fix the broken workplace

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  • 5 TB of space for secure storage
  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools

For teams that need to centralize company files and data in a single place. The plan includes 5 TB of storage to share among the entire team and in-person support available over chat and email.

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  • As much space as your team needs
  • Sophisticated control and security features

As much storage as you need, more sophisticated control and security features, SSO Integration and phone support in business hours.

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  • Customizable solutions
  • Individualized support to help admins manage at scale

All the features of Advanced, but with additional security and compliance features. Dropbox Enterprise offers a customizeable solution, with individualized support to help IT teams manage at scale.

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