Dropbox makes online teamwork second nature

Work just as well – or better – with your team whether they’re in person or online.

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Work better together as a team

Dropbox has all the tools you need to keep your team in sync for high performance. Keep everything you need all in one place – from background docs, next steps and task assignments to apps like SlackZoom and Trello.

Use online work tools to increase focus

Use Dropbox Paper to create tasks and assign owners and due dates all in one doc. Send emails, files and videos. And keep using all your favourite tools like Slack, Zoom, Trello and e-signature integrations – all without leaving Dropbox.

Overview for a collaborative project with tasks, timelines and due dates.

Collaborate with more creative freedom

Paper is an intuitive teamwork platform that lets you add almost anything to it. From SoundCloud clips and YouTube links to images or tweets, Paper embeds media flawlessly, making it easy to collaborate with team members in one place.

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Make online teamwork more effective

Easy-to-use online tools, like Dropbox Paper, help virtual team members work together just as smoothly and effectively as if they were all in the same room. This digital workplace naturally fosters greater team communication.

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