Save your small business from legacy tech

Don’t let server downtime and lost revenue happen to you

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Replace an on-premises file server, FTP and network-attached storage with a cloud solution
Save your small business from legacy tech

Gain reliability, flexibility and speed by moving to the cloud

As file storage systems have evolved, many companies have resorted to complex combinations of cloud and legacy approaches. On-premises and hybrid storage are a burden to manage and could put your information at risk.

Keep your company safe

Protect your data from disaster and your team from malicious threats. Dropbox Business offers enterprise-grade security and durability without the high costs and challenging management of a file server, FTP or network-attached storage.

Data protection, security and durability

Work the way you want to

Dropbox Business gives users the flexibility to work anywhere, on any device, using tools you already know and love. That means you can focus on meaningful work, instead of how you get work done.

Focus on your business, not IT

Maximise performance and speed for your business whilst minimising deployment and support costs. Dropbox is easy for employees in any departments to use, with no IT expertise or training needed.

Reduce IT overhead and management

We’re able to do things you could only do in the past with a fully fledged IT department. So it keeps us very small and nimble. We don’t have to think much about the mechanics of sharing.