Retail workflows made simple

From concept design through to point of sale, Dropbox Business simplifies retail workflows so you can focus on creating great products for your customers.
simplify retail workflows
Retail workflows made simple

Top retail companies run on Dropbox

Les Lunes speed up productivity with Dropbox

See how this French-inspired clothing company keeps employees on three continents connected through Dropbox Business, accelerating productivity and business growth.

A tailored technology solution

Collaborate anywhere

Do more from anywhere

Quickly sync changes to rich design files, preview them on the go and return to past versions. Dropbox works seamlessly whether you’re in the office, at a production facility or out on the shop floor with a mobile device.

Organise content

Stay organised

Ensure a consistent omni-channel experience for customers by staying organised with a central repository for brand assets, contracts and budgets that can be accessed by retail managers and e-commerce distributors alike.

Secure information

Get peace of mind

Secure your most important intellectual property from concept through to manufacturing. Keep sensitive design, finance and strategy files in the right hands, especially when working with contractors and vendors.

Shorten time to market

With the shift towards omni-channel retailing, brands know they need to bring together fragmented tools to shorten time to market. In this webinar, INDOCHINO share how to bring together siloed systems in one central tool.

Dropbox and INDOCHINO webinar

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