Sell more, faster

Accelerate deals with Dropbox Business

Help your sales team meet its targets

Dropbox Business streamlines every step of the sales workflow, so reps can close deals faster and provide a seamless experience for customers

Productivity on the go

Access, edit, and approve important documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device, without the usual technical glitches. Offline access means your most important materials are at hand – no matter where the deal takes you.

Seamless integrations

Map business-critical files to accounts, opportunities, leads and custom objects with the Dropbox for Salesforce integration. Push deals across the finish line with DocuSign and Adobe Document Cloud integrations.

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Streamline deal cycles


Get – and keep – the attention of customers by sharing links with custom branding


Securely share pitch decks and marketing materials straight from your Dropbox


Edit proposals and finalise contracts quickly and easily with shared folders

Customer success story

See how the sales team at GIW Minerals is succeeding with Dropbox Business

"Dropbox has enabled us to play a little above our weight. It puts us in a different class because we don’t have to depend on our own IT infrastructure to get information to the customer."