Keep your data private

Dropbox Business includes tools for admins and end users to further protect their accounts and data. 

Here are just a few of the features that give you the control you need to help keep important data where it belongs:
  • Create membership and visibility settings, including view-only permissions for shared folders, as well as passwords and expiry dates on shared links.
  • Integrate user provisioning methods such as Active Directory and single sign-on.
  • Track and terminate web browser sessions, unlink devices, and view and revoke third-party app access to user accounts.
  • Connect a personal and a work Dropbox to enable clear separation of business and personal data.
  • Reset passwords for the team or on a per-user basis, track which team members have two-step verification enabled, and ensure it remains enabled.
  • Remotely wipe Dropbox data and local copies of files from both computers and mobile devices, plus deprovision a user and transfer that user's account to another user on the team.

Learn more about the Dropbox Business tools and features that give administrators control and visibility.


We also provide users with tools that, in conjunction with their businesses' own security policies, help protect their accounts and keep important work data private:

Choose strong, unique passwords

By creating strong, unique passwords for each website, app, and other online accounts – and guarding them closely – you’ll help keep your Dropbox and other accounts safe.

Enable two-step verification

This is an optional – but highly recommended – security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Once two-step verification is enabled, Dropbox will require your password and a six-digit security code sent via text message or a separate authentication app when signing in or linking a new device.

Adjust security settings

From the Security page, you can easily monitor linked devices, active web sessions and third-party apps with access to your account. Something doesn’t look right? You can cut off access with a single click.

Monitor account activity

From the Events page, up-to-date account activity information is available for shared folders and active sharing links, along with a running log of individual file and folder edits, additions and deletions. From the Profile page, you can also opt to receive notifications whenever a new device or app is linked to your account.