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Video cropping tool

Crop videos online in just a few clicks

Crop or change the aspect ratio of videos stored in your Dropbox account within seconds, with the effortlessly simple online video editor.

Whether you’re looking to focus on a specific area of your footage, or repurposing assets for social media – Dropbox makes it easier than ever to crop video online.

Visual representation of the video crop tool within the Dropbox online video editor.
Crop video
Change a video’s aspect ratio with a video cropper

Quickly change a video’s aspect ratio to suit your needs, or your publishing platform, without needing to use complex desktop editing apps.

With custom frame adjustment, you can crop your video to any shape you need.

An illustration of a video editor changing the aspect ratio of a video clip with the crop tool.

How to crop a video with Dropbox

Change the aspect ratio of your videos in just four simple steps.

An icon depicting a file, representing a file stored in a Dropbox account.

Choose your file

Select a file stored in your Dropbox account.

An icon depicting a pencil, representing the Dropbox online video editor.

Open the editor

Click Crop in the file preview window that appears to open the online video editor.

An icon depicting a sparkle, representing the ability to trim videos with Dropbox.

Crop your video

Adjust the frame of your video to crop out unwanted areas or change the aspect ratio.

An icon depicting a tick, representing a cropped video being saved.

Save your file

Either overwrite the original file, or save a copy to create a separate cropped version.

Crop for social media
Crop video for Instagram, TikTok and more

Repurposing footage for social media just got easier.

Create vertical videos for publishing on Instagram Reels and TikTok, or square versions of clips for use across multiple platforms.

Simply open your video in the online editor and adjust to your desired size.

An illustration depicting a creative team shooting, editing and exporting a video for social media.
Crop screen recordings
Give your screen recordings some extra polish

If you accidentally included your open browser tabs in your screen recording, there’s no need to re-record the whole clip.

With our cropping tool, you can resize the frame to exclude the areas you don’t need.

An illustration depicting a collection of screen and camera recording clips.

Frequently asked questions

Cropping is a video editing technique that allows you to change the visible area of a video clip. By cropping a video, you’re changing the shape of the frame in which the footage is displayed. 

Aspect ratio is a mathematical representation of the horizontal and vertical size of a video.

For example, a video with an aspect ratio of 2:1 would be twice as wide as it is tall.

Some examples of commonly used aspect ratios include:

  • 16:9 – typical for landscape video
  • 9:16 – typical for portrait video
  • 1.85:1 – common in cinema and filmmaking
  • 1:1 – square video

With the video cropping tool available in Dropbox, you’re not restricted to aspect ratios, meaning you’re free to use these examples as a guide or do something else entirely.

To crop a video stored in your Dropbox account for Instagram, select the file and click Crop video in the file preview window that appears.

From here, simply resize the frame of the video to the shape you need. If publishing to Instagram reels, you may want to crop your footage into a vertical 9:16 format.

If publishing to your Instagram profile as a post, the platform displays videos in the following formats, depending on the shape of the uploaded clip:

  • 1080x1350px
  • 1080x1080px
  • 1080×608px
  • 1080×1350px

With Dropbox, you’re able to crop videos of the following formats using our online editor:

  • MP4
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • WMV

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