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The powerful productivity app

Dropbox time management tools reduce work about work so teams can be productive in the workplace

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Lightning-fast collaboration

Dropbox is a productivity app that lets teams share work and collaborate together with ease. Whether it’s project management, task management, time tracking, or note-taking, teams can get more work done without leaving Dropbox. Spend less time on the work about work—or the finding, uploading, and sending of content—and more time on getting important tasks done.

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Productivity tools save time and boost efficiency

Dropbox Paper

A productivity tool that lets everyone work together, Dropbox Paper lets you create, share, and keep your team in sync on due dates with everyone working in the same files, in real-time—all in one place.

File requests

Simplify how team members or outside collaborators submit work for review or send documents for signature. Collect files in a single folder from anyone, without granting access to its contents.


Connect productivity software and to-do list apps like Trello, Zapier, and Salesforce, or other communication tools and email apps like Slack, Gmail, and Outlook with Dropbox.

Put your content in context

Teams using Dropbox can hack their productivity with easy collaboration and sharing within their team or external users. With our productivity app, teams can:

  • Streamline workflows when multiple team members are working together to produce and approve a final product
  • Get full visibility into who’s working on what documents. Users can see version history and file activity, so you know when the work is getting done.
  • Boost workplace productivity with robust previews and comments. Avoid wasting time and unnecessary hassle with “What app do I need to open this file?” or leave comments in Dropbox documents and within video and audio with time-based comments.
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Be productive anywhere

Work happens everywhere—make sure you’re ready with the right productivity app. With the Dropbox mobile app for iPhone (iOS) or Android, you can access files, capture ideas, or take notes from your device. Whether you’re in the field or don’t have access to the web app, you can:

  • Scan documents to turn a napkin sketch or whiteboard brainstorm into an easy-to-find, shareable file with Dropbox doc scanner
  • Capture images with your mobile device, automatically back up images, and share them by sending a link—all from your app
  • Leave feedback on the go with comments and annotations, or create to-do lists and build task lists in Dropbox Paper
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Secure productivity in the workplace

Dropbox productivity app keeps your work safe so you won’t have to worry about content getting into the wrong hands. Teams have control over content with:

  • Assigned sharing roles that allow access to files and folders in Dropbox cloud storage to only those who need it, or set documents to view-only
  • Restricted downloads from shared links keeps work secure by not allowing downloads of files when access links are shared to larger teams
  • Password protection and expiration dates for shared links let you control who can access your files and folders, and for how long
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Frequently asked questions

Productivity software is a collection of productivity apps, tools, and integrations that lets users easily create content used in the workplace, like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Typically, productivity software includes apps for word processing, note taking, email, as well as creating and managing spreadsheets. Productivity apps with project management tools are important in the workplace because they can facilitate easy collaboration, communication, time management and organization of content.

Dropbox can increase productivity in the workplace by bringing your files, your tools, and your people together in one convenient workspace. The new Dropbox desktop app can improve productivity in the workplace because everything you need to get your best work done is organized, easy to find, and easily shareable with both team members and external partners.

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