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Saving photos using Dropbox

A photo transfer app can streamline how you save and back up photos from your mobile devices. Have you ever: 

  • Switched to a new phone or device, or changed service providers?
  • Needed to access or edit photos taken on a mobile device on your desktop? 
  • Wanted to safeguard your precious photos and memories? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re familiar with just how difficult it can be to transfer photos between devices. Most methods—like manual photo uploads to a computer and backing up your hard drive—can be time-consuming and frustrating. But with the Dropbox mobile app, photo transfer between devices or saving photos can be quick and simple.

Cloud storage shared across multiple devices

Automatic photo transfer app

Using the Dropbox mobile app, you can easily transfer photos between Apple and Android devices, or seamlessly transfer them to your desktop or tablet. You can also safeguard your photos by saving them to the cloud, or even share them with your family and friends. 

Plus, our camera uploads feature can automatically save new photos taken on your smartphone—including any edits, filters, or markups—to your Dropbox account. Then you won’t have to worry about transferring your photos later on because it’s already uploaded for you. Added bonus: all your irreplaceable pictures and memories will be safe and sound, backed up in the cloud

Automatically transfer photos via the app

Transfer your photos with Dropbox

When you transfer photos using Dropbox, all your pictures, videos, and files are always saved in So, even if you delete the original copies from your camera roll, full resolution backup photos are preserved online. By transferring your photos and screenshots to the cloud, you can remove the original copies from your Android or iOS devices and free up space for more new memories to be captured. 

It’s also easy to transfer photos to other people’s mobile or desktop devices. If you want to send photos, HD videos, or other files to anyone, all you need to do is create a shared link from, or from our desktop or mobile apps. Anyone with the shared link can access and download the photos you’ve chosen, and then save them to their own mobile device or computer.

Easily share photo uploads

Frequently asked questions

You can automatically upload Android or iPhone photos to Dropbox with our camera uploads feature. Any photos you’ve taken on your mobile device can be automatically uploaded to your account. Note: Dropbox Basic users must have the desktop app installed to enable this feature.

Yes, you’re able to save or back up iOS Live Photos to Dropbox. To transfer your Live and Burst Mode photos from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac computer, you can manually upload each file to your Dropbox account. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to automatically transfer Live Photos from Apple devices via camera uploads at this time.

In order to safeguard your irreplaceable files from data loss, it’s important to transfer or back up photos from your mobile device regularly. Using a photo transfer app can make it easier to:

  • Keep copies of your photos, videos, and other files
  • Edit your images and videos from a desktop or tablet
  • Access your photos and files any time you’re online, even on the go

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