Turn your phone into a document scanner

Dropbox has two options that make scanning physical documents easy. Scan receipts, IDs, photos, and more—right from your phone.

Images of phone showing Dropbox scan app UI

Scan anything no matter where you are

The value and convenience of a portable document scanner can’t be overstated. From receipts to contracts, being able to scan documents on the fly—and securely store and access them—is worth its weight in gold.

Dropbox offers two options, Dropbox Scan and the Dropbox mobile app, to scan documents, forms, receipts, ID cards, photos, white boards, and more—so you’ll never lose track of important physical documents again.

A paper document being captured by a document scanner

Use your document scanner to store, organize, and share files

Use Dropbox Scan as a document scanner to keep track of all your important files—or use it as a photo scanner to organize all your photos in one place. If you connect your Dropbox account, all your scans are saved to Dropbox in a “Scans” folder and are accessible from anywhere, across all your devices. You can also quickly and easily share your scans in just a few taps with coworkers, family, and friends through email, text, or messenger apps.

Mobile device showing that it’s document scanner is ready to scan

A document scanner for everything you need—and much more

For the fast and easy convenience of a document scanner app, the standalone Dropbox Scan app is your ideal go-to. And for all the perks of the Dropbox mobile app—plus a document scanner feature built in—you can streamline and organize all your work and home life in one robust app.

Document scanner displaying a gallery of scans

The Dropbox mobile app

Access your files from anywhere with the Dropbox mobile app, and never miss a beat. Use the scanner feature to store receipts, notes, and other documents in seconds using your phone’s camera. Save time—and get peace of mind—with automatic photo and video backup.

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Key Features:

  • Automatically upload videos and photos
  • Access any file in your cloud storage account—even offline—and preview over 175 different file types
  • Easily send large files and share with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account
  • Scan documents, receipts, IDs, and photos with your phone
  • Sync folders to Dropbox, and recover older or deleted files with version history and file recovery

The Dropbox Scan app

When you want an app to instantly scan documents right from your phone, the Scan iOS app is simple and easy to use. It converts just about anything into a digital file—bills, invoices, IDs, legal contracts, notes—and more. Then you can securely store, organize, and share your files in one safe place.

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Key Features:

  • Scan, edit, and digitize any physical document—right from your phone
  • Save high-quality scans as PDFs or PNGs using auto-detection and smart cropping
  • Share scans quickly with others through email, text, or messenger apps 
  • Back up and access scans from anywhere, across all your devices

A document scanner is a device that captures the image of a physical document and converts it into a digital image file that can be saved and stored electronically on a desktop or mobile phone.

A document scanner is used for keeping track of receipts and other important paperwork and files in a way that’s accessible, organized, and secure. Using a document scanner is easy and convenient: just scan a document you want to save in a digital format and the scanner will convert your document into a digital file. You can then save, store, and share these files from your desktop or mobile device.