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Use embedded signing to streamline your workflow

Skip the email triggers and redirects—embedded signing lets you integrate eSignature requests into your workflow without switching between apps.

Someone inserts their eSignature into a document
Embed eSignatures for fast, easy signing

Our easy-to-implement embedded signing solution creates one integrated workflow—whether you’re using our out-of-the-box integration or customizing with our API. Automated steps help reduce friction for signers and senders so you can seal the deal fast.

A user is given an option to insert their eSignature into an individual or multiple fields
Simplify eSignature workflows all in one place

Get your work done fast by integrating Dropbox Sign eSignatures with your favorite tools, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Dropbox, SharePoint, and Google.

An illustration showing how Dropbox Sign eSignature is integrated with workspace tools.
Create custom embedded signature experiences

Don’t see your favorite tools in our integrations? Don’t worry. The Dropbox Sign API lets you design a custom eSignature experience that’s uniquely yours. You can embed signing into your product or website to streamline the way your customers sign.

An illustration showing the creation of a custom Dropbox Sign eSignature
Give customers peace of mind with custom branding

Use custom branding so your signers know that the eSignature request is from a brand they trust. And by integrating our eSignature solution, you know that the signatures are legally binding and include robust audit trails.

An Dropbox Sign eSignature request with custom branding

Frequently asked questions

Embedded signing lets you integrate Dropbox Sign into your website and provide signers with an in-app signing experience without redirecting to a Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) webpage. To learn more about creating an embedded signature, visit our API page.

Visit our integrations page to see the full list of eSignature integrations. If the app you’re looking for is not on the list, consider setting up your own custom experience with the Dropbox Sign API.

Yes. Although many of our integrations can be used immediately, for more custom solutions with the Dropbox Sign API, our team of solution architects are here to help you make the most of your implementation. With our fast integration times, you can embed eSignatures in your app or website in less than a week.

Find out what our customers have done with the Dropbox Sign API. For its HR workflows, Greenhouse embedded eSignatures into its onboarding solution. The solution provides teams with a structured and automated process to help speed up the onboarding process. Read the full customer story to learn more.