Task management tools for simpler to-do lists

Manage your to-do list more effectively with Dropbox Paper

Check off your to-do list as you work

Dropbox Paper is a single place that you can use to work on team projects. Add meeting notes, images, lines of code, even animated gifs—anything that you need for your project. 

Use a to-do list template to manage tasks, right within a Paper doc. For example, if you have a list of things you need to do before an image can be published on a magazine cover, you can have that “Image Review” to-do list live right next to the image itself. With your to-do list next to the work itself, your teammates will better understand what they need to do—and why.

create to do lists

Keep everyone on track

Use task management tools like task assignments and due dates for yourself or teammates, directly from Paper. When deadlines are approaching, Paper sends automatic reminders to contributors so that everyone is on the same page. Team members can check off their tasks as they complete them, so everyone stays accountable. 

delegate tasks

Get a bird’s-eye view of everyone’s work, all in one place

The easier it is to see and respond to everyone’s work, the easier it is to manage even the most complex projects and tasks.

With Paper, you can get a high-level perspective of everyone’s assigned tasks and contributions in one place, without having to email different collaborators for their input or send follow-up questions.

When someone contributes work to a Paper doc, their name shows up in the margin, beside their contribution. Add comments directly on your teammate’s work and tag their names so they’re notified that you’ve left them feedback.

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