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Rotate PDF pages online

Rotate pages within your PDFs in seconds

Whether you need to shift a page from portrait to landscape or correct an upside-down document, Dropbox makes it simple and fast. 

Rotate stubborn pages quickly and effortlessly, all online – no complex software required.

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Secure cloud storage
Keep your documents safe and accessible

Upload and edit your PDFs with confidence. Dropbox safeguards your documents with robust security measures, giving you peace of mind. Access your files from anywhere in the world. 

Whether you're working on a laptop at the office, a tablet on the commute or your phone while travelling, your essential documents are always at your fingertips.

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Advanced PDF editing
Unlock the power of your PDFs: edit, sign and organise.

Dropbox empowers you to do more than just rotate pages. Edit text directly in your PDFs, add drawings for clarity and easily drag and drop form fields for signatures. Plus, rearrange and customise your document layout for a seamless flow.

Image of the Dropbox PDF editor, demonstrating how to edit, add text to and sign PDFs.
Share securely
Collaboration made easy

Dropbox makes sharing PDFs a breeze. Easily grant access to colleagues, clients or friends with secure link sharing. Need extra protection? Password-protect your files or set expiry dates for complete control.

Two people securely sharing files between devices at different locations.

Frequently asked questions

To rotate a page from a PDF, simply click the Select file button above and select the PDF that you would like to edit. You will then be redirected to the free PDF editor. In the left sidebar, select the page you want to rotate, click on Rotate right or Rotate left and then save a copy.

Dropbox equips you with all the tools you need to master your PDFs. You can:

  • Merge, split and rotate pages on the fly – organise your documents exactly how you want
  • Add or delete pages with ease – keep only the content that matters
  • Annotate, comment and request signatures – collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients
  • Convert PDFs to other formats – ensure maximum compatibility
  • Encrypt documents – add an extra layer of security for sensitive information

Absolutely, just select multiple pages within the editor using command-click before choosing the rotate option.

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