Team content and document collaboration

Easily collaborate, edit and share content with team members

Get on the same page

Dropbox Paper is a single space for your team to collaborate. You and your team can use Paper to share everything from meeting agendas to project outlines. And it’s easy to add images, video and even code to team projects.

With Paper's productivity tools, teams can centralise their work in one place. Create a checklist and due dates for an agenda, drop in relevant files and leave comments – straight in the doc, next to your work. And with simple, clean and easy-to-use formatting options, you can spend less time dealing with content management, and more time collaborating on important work.

team content projects

Share all the content that matters

Paper's collaborative document editing allows you to share all types of content with project partners in just one document. Make real-time contributions to your Paper doc by adding checklists, tables, animated GIFs, emoji, files, and links – nearly anything that’s relevant to your collaborative work in progress. You can even seamlessly embed SoundCloud clips and YouTube links.

document sharing

Give and get real-time feedback

Paper makes the process of gathering project feedback easier. Collaborate, share and edit along with your colleagues with just one doc.

Communicate with your document collaborators by leaving comments on specific document sections and tagging co-workers, who will be notified that you’ve left feedback. And, if given permission by the document owner, you can also edit text right in the document.

document feedback

Team collaboration in the workplace is more than just teamwork – it’s an approach to project management that combines working together, innovative thinking and equal participation to achieve a common goal. Successful team collaboration in the workplace is often supported by technology tools that improve communication and workflow, as well as a work culture that values every individual’s contribution to meeting team objectives. 

There are many exciting ways to use Dropbox as an online collaboration tool, but the most effective use is as your team’s central hub of content, information and communication. With our new Dropbox desktop app, you’ll be able to bring your files, tools and people together in one online collaboration tool, and you can get work done together as a team more efficiently and effectively.

Dropbox Paper is another online collaboration tool that acts as a workspace for team collaboration and communication. Make sure every teammate is on the same page by organizing meeting notes, project plans, to-do lists and links for context in one doc that anyone can refer to.

Collaborative tools can benefit individuals and large teams alike because it can help everyone work together effectively toward a common goal. The benefits of collaborative tools can include: 

        •  Efficient workflows and processes

        •  Centralised information platform

        •  Improved communication and trust

Dropbox can encourage and improve team collaboration by bringing your files, your tools and your people together in one convenient workspace. Team collaboration can be effortless when everything you need to get your best work done is organised, easy to find and easily shareable with both teammates and external partners.