Stress-free file sharing

Share files securely and effortlessly

Share any file or folder easily, with anyone

File sharing with Dropbox is quick and simple. By just sharing a link, you can send anything – from photos and videos to zipped folders and large CAD files – with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Share from anywhere, using your phone, tablet or computer.

And unlike email attachments, you don’t have to worry about file size limits – send large files within your storage quota (2 GB and up). You can even pull together multiple project files into a tailor-made presentation – complete with your logo and graphics – with Dropbox Showcase.


Share any files

Get real-time updates on shared files

Find out exactly when someone has made changes to a file. With cloud file sharing, you’ll immediately see who’s added, edited, deleted, renamed or moved files. Any changes made to a shared file will be automatically updated and synced for all recipients. And showcases let you track who views, downloads and comments on the work you share. 

updates on shared files

Organise shared folders

Dropbox is a great place to help teams organise their files in one central location. It’s easy for team members to see where everything is, and which files are the most recent – and ready to work with.

  • Shared folders: Working on a file-heavy project with several people? Shared folders give everyone rich workspaces where they can get coordinated by sharing content, adding folder descriptions and assigning to-dos. And any edits you make within the folder will be immediately synced to other members, for quick and easy collaboration. 
  • Groups: Easily share materials with relevant parties by creating a group, adding a list of members and inviting the group to shared folders.
organise shared files

Control what you share

  • Manage folder permissions: Ensure secure folder sharing with multiple folder permissions. Choose if you want to give recipients editing or view-only access to your folder.
  • Sharing controls: Sending a file as an email attachment can put your data’s security at risk. With Dropbox, you can share a link to a file or folder that is limited to view-only access. Plus, you can make a shared link only accessible via password, set a link expiry date and disable downloads.
  • Granular folder permissions: Share a specific subfolder without giving access to the folder it lives within. Give your vendors access to just one “Final Images” subfolder, for example, located inside your larger “Graphic Design” folder. 
dropbox security

File sharing is the public or private sharing of digital information or resources. Common ways to share files include the web, removable USB drives, FTP servers or peer-to-peer networks. The most convenient method used today is online or cloud file sharing, a way to grant access to files and content from one user to another over the internet. Dropbox can be used as an online or cloud file sharing system.

It’s simple to send or share files from Dropbox with anyone you want – and they don’t even need a Dropbox account. Create a shared link to send any file in your Dropbox and share that link via chat, text or email with whomever you like. Anyone with the shared link can view and download the file. 

Sharing a Dropbox folder with anyone you want is easy. Create a shared link to the folder you want to share, then send the shared link via email, chat or text to whomever you like. Anyone with the link can view and download the content of the folder you’ve shared. 

You can share files and folders with anyone you like, including people without Dropbox accounts. Simply send a shared link to the file or folder you’d like them to see via email, chat or text.