File permissions for increased security

Safeguard the work you share

Manage granular file permissions

It’s important to have control over what people can—and can’t—do with the data you’ve shared. Dropbox granular permissions give you the power to control who can access folders and files, and what kind of access they have for each. 

For example, Dropbox lets you share a specific image file with your team—without giving them permission to access the “Design” folder it lives inside.

manage file permissions

Send view-only files

With email attachments, you can’t control what happens to your attached file once you send it, and it’s often impossible to attach large files like video or CAD drawings.

Dropbox gives you the ability to share view-only links – these allow recipients granular permissions to view, comment on and download – but not edit – the original files. You can also set a password and an expiration date for your links so they’re off-limits once you’ve completed your project. Or you can use Dropbox Showcase to share an entire project as a tailor-made presentation – without giving recipients editing or file sharing permissions for the original files.  

send view only files

Track file changes in real time

Tracking changes to your files is a crucial part of any project. With Dropbox, you can get notified when someone has viewed, edited, deleted, or moved files between folders. Don’t like the change someone’s made? With file recovery and version history, you can easily recover an old version of your file.

You’ll also receive a notification when anyone has commented on a file, making it easier to gather feedback in one central location without exchanging comments over email or in separate documents.

track file changes in real time