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Secure link-sharing app

Safely share links to your files using Dropbox

A user clicking on a ‘create link’ button in order to share a file
Share your files with secure links

It can be a hassle sharing large files like photos and videos, especially from a mobile device. You could try sharing these files via email attachment, but you’ll likely have to compress them from their original size to fit under the 25 MB attachment limit. Plus, if you’re sending large files from your mobile device, you’ll need to upload each file before sharing – a time-consuming process when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

But you could skip the hassle by using a link-sharing app to send all your large, uncompressed files. By creating a secure link to content stored in the cloud, you can easily share large video clips or photos without worrying about individual file size limits or internet bandwidth. You can also secure access to your files, making sure you share only what you want with just those that need it.

A user creating a link to a file
Easily share links with Dropbox

Dropbox makes it simple to share links to your content with large groups of people like friends, colleagues and family members. With Dropbox, you can easily send your photos, images and PDFs – any large, uncompressed file stored in your account – by creating a link using the link-sharing app. From the shared link, the recipient can view and download your content with the same quality of the original file. And just like that, you can share various files, photos or videos without any of the pain of attaching or compressing!

With our link-sharing feature, individuals and teams alike can easily share files with their teammates, stakeholders and even external partners without interrupting their workflow or using a separate file transfer process. Plus, the Dropbox mobile app lets you share links to all the same files while you’re on the go, right from your iPhone or Android device.

A shared link being created in the Dropbox mobile app
Link-sharing app with added security

By using Dropbox as your link-sharing app, you always have complete control over your shared links.

  • Any Dropbox user can remove access at any time by deleting the shared link to a file you own
  • Dropbox Professional and Business users can add a password, set an expiry date and disable downloads for any shared link
  • Dropbox Business admins can limit shared link access to certain groups or team members only
A user setting access levels for specific folders

Frequently asked questions

Link sharing is a way to conveniently share large files – that you normally wouldn’t be able to send via email attachment or mobile device – by sending a link that points to your file or content stored in the cloud. A link-sharing app is the file transfer app or portal used to create the shared links that you would send.

It’s simple to share a Dropbox link to your files with anyone you want – and they don’t even need a Dropbox account. Create a shared link to send any file in your Dropbox and share that link via chat, text or email with whomever you like. Anyone with the shared link can view and download the file.

Yes, Dropbox shared links are secure. Anyone with the shared link can view and download the file you’ve shared. But they won’t be able to see or access anything else in your Dropbox account, even the folder where your shared file is stored.

Yes, Dropbox Professional and Business users can add an access password to the shared links they create for their files stored in Dropbox. Simply change the Link access settings to ‘Only people with the password’ to protect the files connected to your shared link.

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