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How to sign a document online

No printer? No problem. With Dropbox Sign, it’s easy to sign a document online. eSignatures let you skip the printing and scanning for hassle-free signing.

A handwritten digital signature being added to a contract
Set up electronic signatures in just a few clicks

Just choose a document and add signature fields—now you’re ready to sign using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Highlighted form fills in a digital contract specifying where the manager and the employee need to add their signature
Sign a PDF document online

It’s easy to sign Google Docs, Microsoft Word docs, and more online. Just type your name or take a photo of your signature—either way, your signature is legally binding. Send the doc back, and you’re all set.

A Microsoft Word icon, a Google Slides icon, and a PDF icon
Signed, safe, and secure—all in one place

Automatically save signed documents back into pre-designated folders so they stay safe—and so you can find them when you need them most.

Two document icons and a blue file folder icon with a lock on it

Frequently asked questions

The Dropbox Sign free plan includes unlimited self-signing, so you can add your signature to documents as many times as you need. Plus, you’ll get three free signature requests per month, making it easy to ask others for their signatures. Unlimited self-signing and the three free signature requests per month are also available to anyone with a Dropbox account. To learn more about unlimited eSignature requests, visit our Dropbox Sign plan page.

Yes, electronic signatures from Dropbox Sign are legally binding. And all Dropbox Sign signature requests have a time-stamped, non-editable audit trail for tracking.

It’s easy—after you add your drag-and-drop fields, just follow the prompt, Choose folder for signed copy, and the signed document will be automatically saved in Dropbox.

Yes, we have several pre-built, free electronic signature templates to choose from, including photo release waivers and social media policies. Or, you can also turn your frequently used contracts into templates to speed up your eSignature workflow.