Smart Sync: break free from your hard drive

Forget you ever worried about storage space with Dropbox Smart Sync. See and access every file in your account and every folder that’s been shared with you, directly from your desktop, without taking up all of your hard drive space.

Work without space limits

You create lots of great work, especially when you collaborate with clients and your team. And, as projects add up, your hard drive space eventually runs out. But with Smart Sync, space is no longer an issue.

All of your work, at your fingertips

See all of your files and folders as you normally would on your desktop – whether they’re in the cloud or synced locally to your device. No need to track down files on different drives – everything’s right there.

Easy to access

Folders, even entire projects, are just a click away. Open a file and it's synced automatically to your hard drive – it’s that simple. 

Make space to work

Freeing up space is just as easy. Send files and folders to the cloud and they’re still visible on your desktop, even though they’re off your hard drive. 

Works on multiple platforms

Smart Sync works seamlessly on Windows and Mac, even if you're not on the latest version. It's already part of your Dropbox – ready to work whenever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smart Sync save space on my hard drive?

Normally, synced files are downloaded fully to your computer and they take up hard drive space. With Smart Sync, you can make files and folders online only. Online-only files only use a small amount of hard drive space to store information such as the file name, size and thumbnail, but the full contents of the files are stored securely in the Dropbox cloud. You’ll always see your online-only files on your computer so, when you need them, you can open them with just a click.

Can I make online-only files available when I’m offline?

Yes, it’s easy to make your files available, even for when you’re offline! Simply right click on the file and choose Local from the Smart Sync menu. The full contents of the file will be synced to your computer’s hard drive so you can work offline.

How is Smart Sync different from Selective Sync?

Both Smart Sync and Selective Sync can help you save space. Selective Sync is an older feature that allows you to choose files and folders to sync with Dropbox. Synced files take up hard drive space, and things you haven't synced cannot be seen or opened on your computer. With Smart Sync, you can choose to make files online only. Online-only files take up practically no space on your hard drive, but you can still see them, rename them, move them and preview them from your computer – just like normal files. And, when you need them, just open them and they’ll sync automatically.

What are the system requirements for Smart Sync?

Smart Sync works on Windows and Mac OS. You can learn more about our system requirements here