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Do more with Dropbox using your favorite tools

Dropbox Extensions let you use various types of app extensions to seamlessly perform actions, like publishing a video, adding files to emails and chats, sending a file for eSignature, and more, right from Dropbox—no additional integration work or coding needed. Once you’re done working, you can save files in Dropbox so everything stays organized, in sync and in one place.

User opening a document in Dropbox using one of several app extensions, including airSlate, Nitro, Smallpdf, and HelloFax

What can you do with Dropbox Extensions

Gmail and Outlook logos
Send emails

Bring your content and email together. Seamlessly send and share your Dropbox files on Gmail or Outlook without leaving Dropbox. Choose a file, click Open and send the file with your favorite email client.

Workplace and Microsoft Teams logos
Send files to teammates

Share files and messages to your team in Workplace or Microsoft Teams without leaving Dropbox.

Vimeo logo
Comment on and publish videos

Use Vimeo to streamline your feedback workflow and distribute videos publicly or privately.

HelloSign logo
Request eSignatures

Quickly complete approvals and agreements. You can send documents through HelloSign and have signed copies automatically saved back to Dropbox.

WhatsApp and LINE WORKS logos
Add files to chat messages

Share images, documents and videos in WhatsApp or LINE WORKS. Preview files and add messages before sending.

Canva logo
Create designs

Bring media files into Canva to design and create anything, and save finished work back to Dropbox.

FreshBooks logo
Submit expenses

Simplify expense tracking by sending scanned receipts directly to FreshBooks.

Clipchamp and WeVideo logos
Edit video content

Use Clipchamp or WeVideo to edit, create, and publish videos. When you’re done, automatically export your project back to Dropbox.

DocSend and Notarize logos
Manage document workflows

Track file interactions with DocSend, and sign and notarize documents with Notarize.

AutoCAD and Pixlr X logos
View, edit and adjust images

Open and edit DWG files directly in the AutoCAD web app—no software required. You can also use Pixlr X to fine-tune color, add text, and transform your images—straight from Dropbox.

Nitro, airSlate, and Smallpdf logos
Edit PDFs

Need to make updates to a file? Work with tools like Nitro, airSlate PDFfiller, and Smallpdf to organize, fill out, convert, and compress any PDF.

HelloFax logo
Send faxes

Use HelloFax to shoot out scanned paper documents without a desk-cluttering fax machine.

Easily track down work

Work on a file in another app, and once you’re done, it will be saved back to Dropbox. Plus, you’ll get notifications when apps save edited copies of your files or someone’s added an eSignature. So when you need to find your work again later on, you’ll save precious time and enjoy a better user experience.

A bell icon with a notification box showing an attached .pdf file and a message letting a user know that “Nitro has uploaded the file MyBenefits.pdf”
More apps, less work

Do more in one place—and reduce the busywork that gets in the way of getting specific tasks done. Extensions let you connect to the tools you already use, without additional integration work, coding, or software installation. And you can easily manage your Extensions, whether you work solo or manage large teams.

A user sharing a Dropbox file with Gmail

Frequently asked questions

Dropbox Extensions are third-party partner integrations that let you work with your content, directly from your Dropbox account. With Extensions, users can initiate workflows across popular content types—including DWG, PDF, Microsoft Word, image, and multimedia files—and compatible partner applications from category-leading tools. With these integrations, users will be able to launch actions such as file editing, eSignature, video annotation, and electronic faxing. Once you’re done working, your files will be saved back to Dropbox, so everything stays organized, in sync, and in one place.

Anyone on Dropbox Basic, Plus, and Professional, and most Dropbox Business team members can start using Extensions today. Dropbox Business teams with 500 or more team members should contact their customer success manager, or get in touch with us.

While Extensions support all Dropbox languages, some partner applications might not currently support your language. Stay tuned as partners continue to incorporate more languages.

Dropbox Extensions are applications already integrated with Dropbox, so they’re automatically available for you to use. You’ll find the “Open with” menu on when you hover over your PDFs, videos, image files, Microsoft Office documents, and DWG files. When you choose to open a file with an integrated partner application, you’ll be asked to complete a one-time authorization to connect your Dropbox account.

Yes, several of our partners have exclusive special offers when you use their apps with Dropbox Extensions:

  • airSlate: 10 free PDF editing workflows followed by an additional free month
  • Autodesk: Free DWG viewing for all users and additional editing capabilities for AutoCAD subscribers
  • Canva: 30-day free trial of Canva
  • Clipchamp: 5 free premium workflows, unwatermarked
  • DocSend: 2-week, no-credit card free trial
  • DocuSign: Free DocuSign account with unlimited signing and 10 free envelopes “sends”
  • HelloFax: 5 free fax pages
  • HelloSign: 3 free eSignature requests per month
  • Nitro: Unlimited free PDF productivity and eSign workflows within Nitro for Dropbox, plus a free 14-day trial of Nitro Productivity Suite
  • Notarize: $5 discount on a transaction with Notarize
  • Pixlr X: Free image editing
  • Smallpdf: 1 month free premium subscription
  • Vimeo: 30 days free of Vimeo review functionality and free basic publishing
  • WeVideo: Free video editing and enhancement with 5 minutes of publishing time monthly on WeVideo

See more features

Illustration showing a file that is synced on a computer and a mobile phone
Sync files

Sync your files fast across devices and platforms simply and securely

Illustration of a document that has been scanned using an app
Doc scanner app

Take the work out of paperwork with the doc scanner app

Illustration showing a to-do checklist
Productivity tools

Use Dropbox tools to be more productive in the workplace

Illustration of users making comments within a document
Content collaboration

Easily collaborate, edit, and share content with team members