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Work remotely and sync offline, anytime

Work remotely and often on the go? Get offline access to your files and folders

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No Wi-fi? No problem

With offline sync and access, you can easily choose to make files in your Dropbox available when you’re away from Wi-fi. No signal on the commuter rail, airplane, or while working remote at the coffee shop? No problem—simply make the files you need available offline to access where and when you need them.

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Access your files from all your devices

The Dropbox desktop application allows you to automatically sync files to your Windows or Mac computer so you can access them offline. You can also choose to make files available via offline sync on iOS and Android devices. Mobility means you and your co-workers can collaborate and work remotely wherever and whenever you need, whether that’s from your home office, in coworking spaces, or while telecommuting part-time.

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Make your folders available, too

With Dropbox, you can create folders to help you organize your files. And you can make entire folders sync offline on desktop or mobile. Whether your project collaborator is working offline on a plane headed to a conference or the internet suddenly goes out at the office, folder access is available for all team members, including freelancers in remote positions.

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Frequently asked questions

Remote working or working offline are two states of activity that can sometimes be related. Working offline means you’re not connected to the internet but are still able to access your files and folders. You can work on an offline file and any changes will sync when you’re back online. Working remotely means you’re away from your normal working environment; this could mean you’re offline without access to Wi-Fi or have limited internet connection. Some team members may be full time remote workers or fully remote employees that never travel to a central office.

Yes, you can work offline with Dropbox files and folders from your mobile device. To make files available offline, simply turn on the “Available offline” option for individual files you’d like to work with. Dropbox Professional, Dropbox Business, or Dropbox Enterprise customers can also make folders available offline by switching on the same option in each folder.

The Dropbox desktop app will update and sync files automatically any time you’re connected to the internet. This makes sure you always have the latest version of your file across all linked devices. However, you can set specific files to not sync when you’re online. By turning on selective sync, you can choose which files will update and sync automatically whenever an internet connection is detected.

It’s possible to work in Dropbox Paper offline using only the Paper mobile app. With the Paper mobile app, you can create new documents, edit existing ones, add comments, and easily share content with co-workers, team members and remote employees. When you’re offline, you can access, edit, and comment on starred and recent documents or create new documents; any changes you’ve made will sync when you’re back online.

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