Create and edit documents online

Dropbox Paper is a free online word processor, real-time collaboration tool, and project planner—all in one. Available on the web, iOS, and Android.
create and edit docs online

Easily create documents online

Just like a word processor, Paper gives you a number of ways to create documents:

Start from scratch: Just click a button to create a blank document, and start typing. Paper automatically formats as you go—even creating a table of contents for you—so you can stay focused.

Work from a template: Paper features several document templates. Or you can create your own from an existing document, complete with placeholder text. Then share your template with collaborators for creating and editing word documents online.

Create from a calendar event: Link your Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365 account, and you can easily create meeting notes. With just a click, Paper can automatically start a new document with attendees and agenda from your event, along with sections for discussion and action items.

Import from Microsoft Word: Already created a document elsewhere? Paper can import and convert existing .docx and .txt files so you can edit Word documents online.

create documents online

Edit documents in a snap

Looking for a simple, free, online word processor? Paper has you covered.

Simple text formatting: Select any text to quickly pull up a formatting toolbar. Or use keyboard shortcuts to stylize text, create bulleted lists, and perform other common actions.

Automatic saving: Stop worrying about losing work in progress. Paper saves your live documents as you and collaborators type.

Word and character count: See how long your document is—and even count how many emoji you’ve used.

Attributions: Paper adds contributors’ names in the margin of your document, letting everyone see who added each section.

Link previews: Just paste a link from popular tools like Dropbox, YouTube, and Pinterest. Paper will automatically add a preview to your doc.

 Edit documents in a snap

Collaborate with live documents

Gone are the days of attaching docs to emails and changing the file name to keep track of the latest version. Paper makes team content collaboration easy.

Share your way: Copy a link to send your doc to anyone, or invite people one by one. Or use folders to collect groups of documents and share them with your team. Collaborators can also find any document made available to the whole team by searching in Paper.

Control access: Keep your document open to anyone that has its link, members of your Dropbox team, or just specific people you invite.

Handle changes: Paper keeps track of revisions as you and collaborators edit. You can easily see who changed what and roll back to any point in your doc’s version history. And comment history or document dialog lets you make sure everyone’s questions have been answered.

Project coordination: Features like to-do’s, @mentions, and due dates help you and your team plan projects and keep them running smoothly—right inside your documents.

document collaboration